Is this the end of the world?

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

“Is this the end of the world” I was asked earlier in the year? This was during the devastating bush fires. What might we ask now we are struggling through a pandemic and have watched the US descend into riots? It is emotionally wearing.

I read the news because I want to know what is happening, but I stop reading because what is happening is so troubling. In our house it is hard to explain our world to our children. “This is like a zombie apocalypse” one of them observed. It is surreal to make that statement while we sit in the comfort of a quiet and secure home, city, state, nation. The Screens convey one crazy reality, thankfully we live in another. 

Is this crazy reality infectious? Do you think Australians might riot? I sense we would not, but when an educated western democratic nation with strong Christian roots descends into chaos, it gives some pause. These are anxious times and emotionally worn people have triggers. The US has its share of challenges and blind spots. In the last week triggers blew, and their cities started burning. Where are our blind spots? Who are hurting the most in our nation? ‘People of colour’ issues are certainly present. Don’t you wish it were not so? Skin colour is a trivial, insignificant difference between people. The colour of our skin says nothing about our character or capacity. We may not get to a point where cities burn, but we must ask such questions and address these hurts anyway. 

In Him 

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