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Thank you for your generosity. A significant portion of the financial support (80%) Unley Park Baptist’s ministry comes from the generosity of our congregation. At times I find myself having to explain this.

A tradie working for us assumed the government, or a denominational body paid for our building upgrade. No, these finances come from our congregation. I have had people presume our Pastors are funded by a denominational body. No, these finances come from our congregation. 

A significant portion of the labour for Unley Park Baptist’s ministry comes from the generosity of our congregation. My estimate is over an average week 80 people serve with our church, contributing 160 hours of time. This is in addition to the contribution of our staff. Using the hourly rate Unley Council sets for volunteer hours, this equates to $7500 of in-kind value a week. 

We are very thankful for your generosity. As a new financial year begins, we value you prayerfully considering your giving in finance, resource, and time. Without your contributions the capacity of our church and gospel work is restricted. Through your generosity, God’s great work from our church is multiplied. 

With thanks, 

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