How to put action to aspiration

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

What things do you feel you could do more? Exercise, give, serve, encourage? These are areas of our life we know are good, and if we do more often, good will be increased. In our spiritual life, bible reading and prayer might be on this list. I hear many Christians declare they don’t read the bible or prayer enough. They feel they should do more.

I am glad to hear more scripture and prayer is an aspiration. There is a slight concern this suggests a resolution rather than relationship approach to life with God. The goal after all is not to tick boxes but to walk with God. Our friends or family might also resent such an approach to relationship. What I most often observe, there is no action to match the aspiration.

If we genuinely want to do more, we make changes and we plan. Time can be the first reason we fail to do more. To do more, we adjust our schedule. Not knowing how to start might be a reason. To do more, we can seek support. Our motivation can waver, to do more we can do it with others.

I think the best way to grow in our spiritual life is to grow with a community. This is why family life matters in forming spiritual habits. It is easier in the long term if we are started at a young age. Christian friends matter too. They encourage in us, the good we hope to do. At their best Growth groups can be this – groups of friends which help us action our aspirations. What do you want more of in your walk with God? Here is a plan to start. Share this with others, seek their support, and grow together.


Jason Photo by Samantha Sophia on Unsplash