• Presented: Sept – Oct 2022
  • Lecturer: Dr Matt Gray

Do you know what the story of the church is, after the book of Acts? 6WS 2022 gives you a taster of the first three hundred years of church history and the significant developments over that time that still impact us today.

The lecturer is the Head of Divinity at Tabor College, Dr. Matthew Gray. Matt is incredibly knowledgeable but also able to make practical links between the past and our lives today. He is an enthusiastic and engaging speaker – you will really enjoy listening to him.

Session 1 – ‘How to know who we are’ – Overview of 300 years

Session 2 How to serve a unique God (Pagan gods)

Session 3 How to live outwards (Theosis )

Session 4 How to relate to the state (church/state)

Session 5 How to be countercultural (Desert forebears)

Session 6 How to speak our faith (Creeds, liturgy)