Deletion and Disposal

If we hold personal information about you, and we do not need that information for any
purpose, we will take reasonable steps to securely destroy or de-identify that information
unless we are prevented from doing so by law. The basis on which we delete information is
included in our Data Retention and Deletion Policy.

A member can ask us to delete their information at any time, and we will delete it from all systems and make sure we do not process it further in any way (other than as we may need to support your account or for other reasonable administrative or legal purposes, such as billing).

We do not delete this Information from back-ups. However, keep back-ups are kept for a maximum of 30 days. All our back-ups are encrypted and stored securely. If any back up is used to restore data, we will check and ensure that all deletion requests are actioned before restoring the data. Generally, we only restore data from the last 24 hours.

We apply the following rules to the permanent deletion of information:

  • Individual Information accounts, where there has been no activity for more than 7 months (and where not required for our Church’s own records or administrative processes) will be deleted permanently; and
  • Individual Information which has been deleted or disabled, will be permanently deleted or de-identified 90 days after deletion or disabling (or 18 months where members have financial data associated to them).

Members who wish to delete or stop the use of their Individual Information should contact our Church.
Permanent deletion of Individual Information will be done in accordance with the procedures listed above.

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