Here are instructions on how to put together the various elements for our online service.


There are many options to watch high production value online church services. We are not looking to ‘compete’ with these services. Our point of difference is we use our online presence to build our sense of connection and community as a local church. This means it is important we:

  • highlighting our congregation members
  • connect to our local contexts and challenges
  • integrate our online content into the community life together

How to Host a Service

Role: A host facilitates the chat feature as the service proceeds. Hosts can chat with each other, and the public. Hosts can pass on technical issues to the Tech team as well as answer any questions people may have. Hosts can provide online links to resources mentioned in the service.

To become a host we will set up a host account for you which you will need to login to from a laptop/desktop. To login go to using the login details we send you. Check out this video for more details on hosting.

How to video worship

How to Kids Talk

How to do the Bible reading

How to Interview through video apps