The Church accepts the following as its basic doctrines of faith:

  1. The Deity and Lordship of Jesus Christ, being one with God the Father & the Holy Spirit.
  2. The Supreme Authority of Jesus Christ in all matters of faith and conduct, as revealed in the Scriptures (both Old and New Testaments of the Bible) through divine inspiration.
  3. Humans are sinful by nature and thereby separated from God and void of eternal life.
  4. Jesus Christ, by His death, burial and resurrection, is God’s provision for human sin.
  5. Forgiveness, reconciliation and eternal life are only possible through repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  6. The Holy Spirit lives in all believers to:
  • Make real the presence of Christ
  • Lead them into all truth
  • Bestow gifts for service, and
  • Give power for holy living
  1. Jesus Christ will come again in person at the end of this age, bringing judgement and the fulfilment of our salvation