Unley Park Baptist Church recognises the security of your personal information is important and utilises secure and safe storage. We use software that stores data “in the cloud”. This means information is kept on a secure server and is accessed through the internet. This is the kind of technology Banks use when you access your information through the internet.

Security is key

Your security is important to us and our online database system utilises enterprise grade security. See http://elvanto.com.au for more information.

Online protection

The company and servers we use are located in Australia. This means your information is looked after by companies subject to Australian Privacy laws. We use enterprise grade secure servers. All information transferring through the internet is encrypted and secure.

We control what people see

We have full control over what people can see and access. We have set up Access Permissions so only the approved people who need the information can access the information.

What we record

In our database we record the following information (accessed only by approved people who need the information for UPBC ministry)

  • Contact Information: contact numbers, email, home address
  • Personal Information: permissions given (such receiving emails, include in directory), members of your family
  • Emergency and Medical Information for at risk groups (such as children and young people)
  • Ministry Information: what ministry groups you are part of, volunteer information.
The choice to opt out

You can opt out of our church database system. If you choose not to, we will keep your information in secure and safe storage. Our database system will record only your name indicating the remainder of your information is to kept and accessed off-line. This will impact on the advantages our database provides, but we respect how you wish us to handle your information.


If you have any questions regarding our church database, how we store and manage your information please contact the Church office.