Church Life Update

This page provides an overview of what’s happening throughout our church, with the ability to find details when they want to. This information is public and therefore is general in nature. Nothing confidential or personal is included.

This page was last updated 26 May 2019

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2019 Priorities

  • Grow together as people who follow and help others follow Jesus

    We will focus this year on cultivating every group as a Growth Group so people grow in faith and connection with others. We will increase opportunities for people to invite others to explore faith in Jesus.

  • Be a church where every person matters

    We want to be a church where no one is missed, and everyone is connected and cared for. We will continue to strengthen welcoming people new to us and our pastoral care.

  • Help people serve together so others are better off.

    All followers of Jesus are to bring the life and love of Jesus in service to the world he loves. We will help people find their unique contribution in service. We will focus on every ministry working together as teams.

  • Partner with others so we strengthen communities, especially those in need

    We will serve with other organisations and people to bring God's blessing and renewal into his world. We will explore this year service opportunities and practical partnerships to strengthen our contributions.

  • Improve our facilities for effective ministry and mission

    We believe God gives us the responsibility and capacity for a faithful return on the resources and facilities he has provided. We will manage, maintain and improve our facilties as an effective resource for community and mission.

Ministry Update & Prayer

We invite members from our Ministry Teams to provide comment each month on the general happenings of that team and what we can pray for.


Active projects we are working on are listed here. A point person for that project is responsible for commenting with status updates periodically — whatever cycle suits the project. As projects finish, the cards will remain here for a bit before eventually being archived.


If you have any questions, please speak to the ministry leaders. If you have comments regarding this page, please contact the Church office.

What if I have a question or idea about a project or ministry?

If you have great things to contribute, speak directly with those involved.

How will I know when this page is updated?

We put a notice in our church news when updates are made. But essentially there should be something new here at the start  of each month. So, check back once in a while.