Updates – May 2019

Jason Hoetministry

Leisure Club Update

update by Doug Castle on 2019-04-29

  • What do you celebrate? For salvation through Jesus.
  • What are you looking forward to? Increasing fellowship in the retired age group of the church
  • What challenges are you experiencing? Attracting the newly retired group. Would like them to see this as a ministry to the very senior members of the church
  • What would you value prayer for? The newly retired to make a connection with Leisure Club

Office volunteers Update

update by Heather Waldron on 2019-04-29

  • What do you celebrate? People willing to help. Especially long term
  • What are you looking forward to? More people helping. Better team building and sense of belonging to the team.
  • What challenges are you experiencing? Busy unavailable people.
  • What would you value prayer for? High priory to serve God in busy lives. That God will speak to the right people’s hearts to say yes

Home Groups Update

update by Laurie Lucas on 2019-04-29

  • What do you celebrate? I’m thankful that a new group has started at home of Kaye and David Kay, under Kaye’s very capable leadership, on Monday nights.
  • What are you looking forward to? New home groups having sufficient numbers to be viable. I am directing people to Kaye’s group, if they are available on Monday nights. Also keen to see group starting at Battersby’s home.
  • What challenges are you experiencing? “Time-poor” people finding time to make connection and find encouragement through regular involvement with a group.
  • What would you value prayer for? That people would make small group involvement a high priority.

Playgroup and Kids’ Church Update

update by Kathy Heath on 2019-05-07

  • What do you celebrate? Playgroup Mothers’ Day High Morning Teas were a time of genuine connection with our community. I had an opportunity both days to share the love of God and how motherhood is His gift to us, a reflection of His unconditional love for us. The response was so affirming. Playgroup is a good thing and God is in it and blessing the ministry. Kids’ Church A wonderful celebration of God at work in the lives of our kids – Kaitlyn Badger, Abbie and Iris Lee – as they came to be baptised on Sunday. Thank God for the opportunities I have had to meet with them to share their story and discuss faith and how we grow a heart for Jesus. Term 2 is under way and although we are slightly under staffed, adult wise, it has been very exciting to see our Youth Buddies/Teachers in Training willingly pick up extra responsibilities. God is blessing this new initiative as our kids are connecting to their Youth Buddies/Teachers in Training and beginning to develop bonds of trust and friendship. It has been very positive to see the level of responsibility and enthusiasm from our Youth.
  • What are you looking forward to? Playgroup The evening … Calm and Confident Kid’s with Kirrilie Smout. We are working hard encouraging the Playgroup Parents to attend. Kids’ Church Term 2 Sunday workshop with Youth Buddies/Teachers in Training, topic Story telling not Boring telling Youth and Kids service at the end of term where we will introduce a new program asking for Prayer buddies from our church family for our kids and youth.
  • What challenges are you experiencing? Volunteer Team members for Kids’ Church (I have someone thinking about it) Playgroup … we have a need to get more people invovled for continuity of this community out reach – so we can cover times we team members are not available and when team members retire Thursday morning KYB creche needs a couple of extra hands so they can work on a rotation basis
  • What would you value prayer for? The three girls who were baptised – that their support people will be diligent in following them through Calm and Confident Kid’s with Kirrilie Smout – for the presenter, a good turn out, making connections with community Youth Buddies/Teachers in Training – Term 2 Sunday workshop New Prayer Buddies program – as we organise and streamline so it will be effective and a blessing All the members of the Children’s Ministry team – their health, enthusiam and patience, role modelling and sharing God’s Love All our children and their families – for protection, for openness to grow their hearts for Jesus, that parents will provide God centered homes

Youth & Young Adults Update

update by Simon Davis on 2019-05-10

  • What do you celebrate? Micah Lee’s Baptism The youth had a great Easter Camp experience, with many positive responses.
  • What are you looking forward to?
  • What challenges are you experiencing?
  • What would you value prayer for? Prayer for the coming term. That God would impact the youth like never before and for increasing passion and commitment in our youth leadership team. Two members of our youth are moving interstate due to their parents work. Youth group has been very special for them and they are dearly loved by our youth. Prayer that they would find a good church and make strong Christian friends to further support them in their walk with Jesus. Prayer that youth group would have a greater influx of young people. Also, that our youth group would continue to be more and more welcoming of others. Prayer to see more baptism from among the youth at UPBC. PM services are starting up again and many young people are getting more involved. Prayer for the flourishing of this service would be much appreciated.

Wellbeing and Care Update

update by Sarah Ames on 2019-05-16

  • What do you celebrate? The many caring and compassionate people in our UPBC community and their willingness to help those in need of support and encouragement.
  • What are you looking forward to? There will be a Youth Leaders Pastoral Care Induction and luncheon on May 26th – a great opportunity to talk with our youth leaders about creating a caring environment among the young people in the church.
  • What challenges are you experiencing?
  • What would you value prayer for? those among our congregation who have experienced loss recently – those who are caring for and supporting ageing parents – those who have health concerns