UPBC Marriage Affirmation

Jason HoetNews

Unley Park Baptist Church affirms marriage as a life long commitment, between one man and one woman, to the exclusion of all others.

We do support the rights of all couples to justice with respect to property and like entitlements and we acknowledge that people, including some in our own church, experience a diversity and challenges with respect to sexuality. Yet, we believe recognition of such rights and issues does not warrant changes to our convictions regarding marriage.

Our affirmation is based on our conviction that the Bible, as our primary authority in all matters of faith and conduct, teaches that the only appropriate context for sexual intercourse is between a woman and a man who are married to each other. We acknowledge there are significant social reasons this conviction is also shared by other peoples, not of Christian faith, and that it holds benefit for the whole of society.

Our church makes this affirmation alongside seventy Baptist churches forming our movement of the Baptist Churches of South Australia; our national movement of 300,000 Baptists in 950 local churches; and with the Baptist World Alliance, representing over 47 million baptised believers and 210 Baptist Unions and Conventions in more than 200 countries.

For further information please refer to the full statement Unley Park Baptist Church Marriage Affirmation