Church is not just for Sundays

Jason HoetNews, Pastor

Who encourages you in your faith and life throughout the week? On Sunday we gather to worship God, grow and encourage one another. It can be an important time of refresh, renewal and refocus. In a game, there is a halftime break. It gives the team an opportunity to check their progress, rejig the game plan. For your faith, does something like this happen on any other day, not just Sunday?

We want to encourage you to be part of a Growth Group for this reason. Growth Groups are for people to meet together outside of the Sunday worship service, to grow in following Jesus. These could be groups in homes, meeting for prayer, being part of Bible Study Fellowship, mentoring, 2 mates over lunch, café groups…We are not fussed on the shape, size or schedule of the group. It just needs the focus of faith growth. We would expect Growth Groups would have sharing of life, engagement with the Bible and prayer. Are you part a group like this?