What does God have for us next?

Jason HoetNews, Pastor

This week I will have been serving in the Lead Pastor role for one year. How has it been? Has it been what we expected? I am not certain any of us knew what we ought to expect. Across our denomination, I can’t think in recent times of another church where a long term Senior Pastor has transitioned to retirement concurrently with a new Pastor stepping into the lead role. I know there were a few who wondered if it could be done with success. My view is it has been a journey of humility, mutual honouring and a credit to our church community.

I enjoy the new role and an increasing connection to our church community. No doubt we are all experiencing the normal group processes of form, storm, norm, and hopefully perform. I thank our staff for their grace as they have experienced significant change. Our family have gradually found their place in the community. This is never easy, especially for children. I am thankful for their resilience, God’s work, and your hospitality.

We are getting ready for what God has for us next. We are reorganising and revisioning for this future. Who will God have us be? What will God have us do? What is our unique contribution to the purposes of God? Key considerations. I don’t know all the answers to these questions. Do you? I do know God will have us be people open to his guidance, eager to serve, bringing him glory. I know God is sending us still to make disciples and see more people follow Jesus. I know our Lord’s prayer is still that God’s ‘will be done on earth as heaven’. More people, following Jesus, transforming the world. This is already a breathtaking vision! There is enough serious opportunity and challenge here to stretch us in faith, cause us to pause in prayer and wonder how it might be. Would we be ready for that?