God in the small things

AV/DataNews, Pastor

Can you see the hand of God in the small, ordinary things? Jesus did. In his teaching and stories, we consistently find Jesus pointing to God by observing tiny details present in everyday life. Jesus saw the work of God in the birds of the air, the grass of the field, a farmer sowing seed, a poor woman giving her coin. For all the weighty matters which pressed upon him, Jesus had a knack for bringing together the mundane with the profound.

One aspect of this especially challenges me. Jesus spent time considering the small things in life. Most of us are not good at this. We have stopped seeing the world we live in. We don’t notice the birds, the grass, the people anymore. At worst our eyes have now a focal point the length of our arms. We walk into an elevator and pull out our mobile phones and swipe up. Why? I am not even sure we see what we have swiped.

If our stories about God were sourced from what we see, what would we tell? Where in your life today are you able to see the hand of God in the small and ordinary? I saw the other day a father walking home with his toddler. The young boy made slow progress in part because of his little legs, but mostly because of his constant distraction. He kept stopping to hold and taste most of the small objects near his path. The father with his long strides didn’t hurry his boy, didn’t pick him up to stop the distraction, he simply restrained his pace and enjoyed the company. I think this is often what God is like with us, don’t you?

Notice the small things too, Jason