Speaking up for the sake of Women

AV/DataNews, Pastor

November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Earlier this year several Baptist churches across Australia surveyed domestic violence service providers in their community. The results indicated many providers were not sufficiently resourced to meet the demand for their services. You can download a copy of the report at this https://ajustcause.com.au/?ddownload=10428 and view a background briefing at https://youtu.be/ZPZdgeinpXY

74% of crisis accommodation services reported they did not have enough rooms for women fleeing violence. As a result, they regularly turned people away. When we looked at other services women and children fleeing domestic violence required, such as court assistance, counselling, material support, and case management, we again found large numbers reporting insufficient resources to meet the demand.

Our Church is joining a nationwide action to help change this. Our response will be shared with our local members in Federal and State Parliament. You can also go to https://ajustcause.com.au/speakup and fill in the online form to send a message to your local State & Federal members

This action is promoted by A Just Cause, a ministry of Australian Baptist Ministries. This is part of a domestic violence education, action and advocacy campaign, called No Place for Violence Here, see https://noplaceforviolence.com

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