2018 Thanks

AV/DataNews, Pastor

As a new year begins, I want to pass on my thanks for the many contributions made in our church over 2018. A brief survey of any one Sunday could identify 30 to 40 people serving in numerous ways. The number of people serving multiplies when we include the many other groups and activities which run through the weeks and months. Each role is key to cultivating a caring, discipling, outreaching community. Each person giving freely, generously, joyfully in service to God and people. We should take none of this and no one person for granted. I really am very grateful.

I am grateful for God’s work through us. We may make plans, but it is God who establishes the work of our hands. People have been sustained through serious challenges. People have come to faith, grown closer to Jesus and to one another. People have made courageous choices because they follow Jesus. There have been many high points such as Neil’s farewell, Easter, Basketball Celebration, Church Camp, Christmas Street Party, Christmas Day.

Finally, I am grateful God has sustained and kept us. Ask our staff or Council, I am certain they would report we have had a full year of (many) trials and (some) triumph. Not only has God given us the energy to be about His work, he has kept us working together. We negotiated challenges, made significant decisions and maintained unity in our relationships!

Our reflection on 2018 fills our hearts with thanks for what God has done, and for his people. Now, what might God do in 2019!