A brutal cross and empty tomb

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Welcome to our Holy week. This is the most significant Christian celebration in the year. ‘Celebration’ does the week an injustice. The Easter story travels the full distance of our human drama. Through Jesus we see surrender, betrayal, evil, defeat, death, grief, waiting, hope, resurrection life, triumph. This week holds epic themes of cosmic significance. Attempting to convey its depth could be as overwhelming as drinking from a fire hose. 

Yet the depths of the Easter Story are carried by the simple image of Jesus on the cross. Jesus died for me. He stepped into our place, to carry our sin and shame, to set us free, to bring us back to God. The heights of the Easter story are carried by the simple image of an empty tomb. God through Jesus has broken the power of every evil, even the evil of death. We now have hope, even in the face of death’s inevitability. Those who trust their lives to Jesus now have this hope and resurrection life available to them, every day. 

If this Easter weekend stirs in you a desire to know more about Christian faith, we encourage you to explore. May God this Easter bring us again to this simple truth of the brutal cross and empty tomb and overwhelm us with its significance. 

In Him,