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In Psalm 131 King David paints a touching image of how he wants to relate with God:

“I am like a weaned child with its mother;
like a weaned child I am content.”

The staff team reflected on this passage this week. It was interesting to see the difference of view between the men and women. The women reflected on the experience as mothers, enjoying the presence of their children. The men noted first the child’s perspective. This is what David sees. A weaned child no longer seeks its mother for food. David sees the moment of this child with its mother as a moment of contentment. The mother and child resting in the embrace, neither seeking anything more than the connection.

Amid a King’s daily demands, David tells himself to settle down (v2). He wants to put aside weighty matters, put aside what God might do for him. David wants to simply enjoy God’s presence.

This is a compelling invitation. We may not live with the reality of ruling the Israelite nation, but there is likely to be much on your mind. With this clutter, would you not want to simply enjoy God? Take a few moments to reflect on the three verses in Psalm 131. Like David you may need to firmly speak to yourself to settle down. Imagine yourself with God as like a weaned child with its mother. Put aside all that presses in on you to find contentment in God alone, not what he can do for you.