What young people think?

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This encouragement was shared in our recent Kids and Youth Service:

When we asked the youth what growth they’d like to see in our church they said…

If we are the family of God, then we must learn to mix with the whole family – to be welcoming, loving and to know all the members of that family. It would be great to see even more of this – to see people sitting with others they don’t normally sit with; to see people chatting with those they might not naturally gravitate to. The sporty with the musician, the old with the young, the Australian with the International.

We would love to connect more with the senior members of our church and have more intergenerational events.

We would like to further a spirit of creativity and openness. To be innovative in how we might serve each other and our community. To use stories and drama to communicate ideas. Have teaching aimed at all ages and encourage all generations to be involved with the AM service.

Finally, we are tomorrow’s leaders. Please continue to be examples that inspire us. Push us to grow in our faith. Teach and disciple us, realising we will be your legacy; we will be the Unley Park you leave behind.

We ask that you pray for us and that if God is calling you, mentor us.