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Recently I read ‘Three Horizons of Growth’ from consultancy company, McKinsey. This is a model for strategy where the first horizon represents maintaining current business, the third horizon is a vision of new business opportunities for growth, the second horizon represents the work required to transition from horizon one to three. McKinsey suggests the usefulness of this framework is it helps bridge and focus efforts that sustain business now and builds for the future.

My best sense for our third horizon future is our church will be a community of contributors for the good of our society. Or put simply, communities and people are better off because of our service. This of course also describes our horizon one, what we do now for one another. People currently in our church and sphere of influence are better off through our service. The difference I see is more people, beyond our church are better off – those local to us, those who work with us, those who are neighbours to us, schools in our area, those who are vulnerable.

What does horizon two look like? How do we invest now to build for this future? What capacities do we have, which if we redirect a little, open-up new opportunities? These seeds we should plant, so we might see them grow. We have many capabilities that we need for our future. We are good at practically caring for people, can we not do this for those in need. We are a community, could we not connect with those who are isolated? Our children & youth ministry is positive and vibrant, could this not support families and teenagers in local schools?

I think the key step towards our third horizon is to look outwards, to the world God loves. If we do this, I believe God will connect us to opportunities our church can positively impact. This is a seed we must plant now.

In Him

Photo by Constant Loubier on Unsplash