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seeds of growth

What were you doing a year ago? Randomly a photo will appear in an App’s news feed reminding me of memorable moments. I see fun with family, holidays, key events, and great friends. It is good to remember. It would be a worthwhile activity to take time to review your past year. Whether it be by flicking through your diary or your photostream, this gives you opportunity to be thankful for what has been.

Thanksgiving Sunday is our opportunity as a church to recall our past year. We forget what has been too quick. I know I have moved into the next week as soon as Monday comes around. After all, the past is done, the future is coming, the present is urgent.

Yet at the heart of Christian faith is remembering. With the Lord’s Table, we are asked by Jesus to “remember me”. Our future hope is grounded in the past reality of Jesus, his cross, his resurrection. Thanksgiving Sunday is our opportunity to encourage our thankfulness and our hope by remembering. From our church’s past year how would you answer this question, “What do I thank God for?