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This week 19 adults and 4 children from six Baptist churches served children at the Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship (AEF) Convention in Port Augusta. The weather has been hot (mercifully not sustained), the days very long and people look weary as they prepare for our final day. Yet, every person is glad they came, we have seen God at work.

Through our daily Kids Club program, we have met beautiful indigenous kids. Many have come from all around Australia. The AEF convention celebrates its 50th year and was the first time Christian Aboriginal leaders and communities gathered to encourage one another in mission and ministry to their people. Numbers of these kids are the third generation to attend.

One highlight will have to suffice. On Wednesday morning we went to Davenport, the Aboriginal Community near Port Augusta. It began as the Brethren mission Umeewara and was the original AEF conference site. For various reasons, there has been little Christian witness on the community over the past years. A few weeks ago, a group of 9-year-old boys caused $100 000 worth of damage over a few hours of vandalism. To run a Kids Club, sing Jesus songs and tell Jesus stories to community children was wonderful not just for our team, but also for the community leaders. There is real hope in the difference Jesus can make.

This week reminds me the good news of Jesus is at its best when it is at work in our community and through our people. When this happens, it really is good news for everybody.

In Him,

(historical photo AEF convention at Umeewara ~1975)