What is true health?

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

I am sore today. It is from exercise. My children tell me my face looks funny when I am puffing and trying hard. My Dad never had to exercise as he was a mechanic. The last thing he wanted at the end of the day was to lift another thing. But, given my lifestyle, I tell myself this soreness and face pulling is good for me.

‘Health’ is an obsession in our time. For some it is a religion with the promises of blessing and virtue. It is a constant in our social media and daytime TV. Do women think too much about it, men not enough?
On Sunday we will talk with Kristin & Tanya Lewis and Dr Ken Leembruggen about health. Kristin and Tanya work in the fitness industry, Ken as a Chiropractor. In the swirl of secular ideas, how is a follower of Jesus to live? What is true health, and how do we find it without ignoring or idolising our bodies? And of course, every week I wonder, if ‘we are our bodies’ is this soreness and face pulling just what I need?


Photo https://unsplash.com/@bruno_nascimento