The responsibilities of being Australian

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People who become Australia citizens make a pledge as a public commitment to Australia. The pledge focuses on our system of government, our public freedoms and our law. Through this people accept the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship. 

There is incredible privilege in being an Australian. We are one of the wealthiest nations in the world, our country is an amazing place to live. These past few weeks remind us our sunburnt land needs to be respected. With fires, floods, hailstorms, it felt like we are facing biblical plagues. But even the adversity demonstrates our blessing, as volunteers serve sacrificially, communities rally together, people give generously. There are many peoples in our world who do not have these safety nets. 

It may not be in the pledge, but I think it is important we remember this. What most Australians take for granted, much of the world does not have. As we celebrate our great land with all its blessing, I hope we remember our responsibilities towards a world in need. This includes on our own soil with our First Australians. Our gain has come at their cost. We continue to wrestle at what it means to live together with justice and equity. How can we, as contributing citizens, help our nation move forward in truly sharing its privileges and responsibilities with our first nations people? 

With thanks, Jason  (Photo: iStock)