Do you know a prayer ‘warrior’?

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

Do you know a prayer ‘warrior’? This is a person who sees themselves as a person who prays, who ‘battles’ in prayer for the sake of others. When a challenge arises, their instinct is to pray first. You know when you ask this person to pray, they will persist until they see heaven respond. This is someone you want by your side. Are you a prayer ‘warrior’? 

When the topic of prayer comes up, my experience is many Christians admit they don’t pray enough. I wonder what makes the difference for the prayer ‘warrior’? It could be temperament – maybe the reflective pray more? It could be prayer wasn’t a strong part of our faith formation. It could be about control – we act as if it all depends on ‘me’. All this, and more, could be true. Yet what I notice for the ‘warrior’, prayer is a key aspect to their identity. For the rest, it is an activity, like exercise or a diet, they struggle to maintain. 

Can we grow our sense of identity as people of prayer? To do so we must move through prayer as an activity or habit to prayer is fundamental to who we are. How does this sound, ‘our church prays’? Or this ‘I am a prayer warrior’? I know this shift will not happen if we don’t desire it. But if we do, our church and those around you will have added another prayer warrior to their side. 

Enjoy, Jason (Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash)