Disappointed with God

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

Lent Passage: Matt 21:1-11 

That first ‘Palm Sunday’ when Jesus entered Jerusalem was heavy with expectation. Jesus rode in on a colt and with a donkey, completing the prophecy ‘your king comes to you”. With the throwing down of their cloaks and palm branches, the crowd anticipated Jesus as this prophesied king. The whole city was stirred. People told one another “This is Jesus, the prophet from Nazareth in Galilee.” Jesus was to be their prophet and new King. Yet within the week the city will be disappointed. He will not be what they are expecting. He will die cursed, a by word, a mockery. 

This side of the cross and resurrection are you not relieved Jesus disappointed the crowds? They sought hope for their time. Jesus brought hope for all time. They sought triumph over Roman powers. Jesus has defeated every evil power. They sought justice and peace for their people. Jesus is bringing justice and peace for all people. Jesus failed to deliver what the crowds wanted. Yet what we all need, Jesus is fulfilling completely. 

Could it be our disappointments with God are like this? God may fail to deliver what we want, yet he is meeting our deeper needs completely? In fact, it must be said, in Jesus, he has already done so. 

In Him,