Our fierce mothers

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

The mothers in the bible are fiercely protective of their families. Think of the challenging dynamics in the families of Sarah and Hagar, Leah and Rachel, Hannah and Peninnah. Think also of the bold advocacy of the mother of James and John with Jesus. 

It can be said mothers in general are fiercely protective of their families. I am enjoying reading ‘The Wife Drought’ by Annabel Crabb. The constant theme from the book is the high priority a mother places on her children. By observation we have all seen mothers make significant sacrificial choices for the sake of their children. I think the tension and guilt a working mother experiences is not one I have ever heard from any man (I grant you there may be an exception; I just have not met him). Crabb states it succinctly, “the feeling that one ought to work as if one did not have children, while raising one’s children as if one did not have a job”. If you have school aged children, who in your family reads the school newsletter? Over these past weeks with COVID19 challenges, who has held the responsibility for gathering the household toilet paper and other supplies? 

I write this to highlight the fact our mothers are extraordinary. They always have been. In the modern climate, I think they especially need to be congratulated. If you have ever felt your mother seems worn, weary, cranky, a little OTT – why are you surprised? Motherhood has become an undervalued role, that is overworked, underpayed. Yet here is the calibre of a mother, confirmed by research, and the mothers in our households. She puts her family first, anyway. Every family needs to thank God their mother’s are so fierce. 


Jason ( Photo by Xavier Mouton Photographie on Unsplash