Church Re-entry plans – May, June, July.

Jason HoetNews

For our updated church re-entry plan download here

With the SA Govt roadmap for easing COVID19 restrictions our church building is allowed to be open to the public, for religious gatherings, private worship, or small religious ceremonies, but not larger services. The requirements are, in addition to 1.5m distancing and hygiene, the number of congregants is restricted to a max of 10 people and not more than 1 person per 4 square metres (density requirement). On June 8 it is anticipated the number of congregants may be increased to a max of 20 people.

Our re-entry plans for May, June, July are:

  • Any groups meeting on our site will need to book through the office and follow the required protocols;
  • Church groups considering meeting in homes must follow the private gathering restrictions. It is likely most homes will be unable to meet the density requirements for 10 people.
  • Small groups up to a max of 10 (20 in June) people can gather on our church site in rooms that meet the density requirement. This could include growth groups and small general meetings;
  • We are placing a priority on re-gathering children and youth first. There will be opportunities to regather smaller segments of these ministries in May and June.
  • We anticipate any larger gatherings (ie whole youth group, whole kids church) will not be possible until at least July;
  • We will need to receive the govt roadmap for July and beyond before we can assess when and how Sunday church services resume. The Federal Govt Step 3 still has restrictions on groups of over 100 people which will affect our AM gathering but not our PM service. The density requirement also impacts how many people can be on our church site;

For more information on the Federal 3 Steps, SA Govt roadmap.