No community transmission is key

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

It is important for us to remember that no community transmission of COVID19 is key. There is a sense of trepidation as we watch the quick escalation of infections in Victoria. We enjoy increasing freedoms here. In Victoria, my sister who is a teacher, expressed her weariness with the immense work and creativity required to complete her day job. Victorian parents have schooled their children at home for 10 weeks, with more to come. None of us wish to return to further lockdowns.

We observe COVIDsafe practice requirements for our meetings, but no community transmission is the key criteria by which we gather onsite as a church. Without community transmission the risk remains but is reduced. Victoria has shown, this can change quickly. People are quick to point out, it is more accurate to say ‘no known community transmission’. The transmission data has a 2-week lag. 

If SA has community transmissions, we will stop meeting onsite. I am sure the government will require this anyway. I encourage people to install the COVIDSafe app on their phones to help with contact tracing. We need to remain vigilant. We need to do what we can. This will be with us for a long time. 

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Jason (Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash)