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Over the years I have learnt how vital it is to work well with other churches, especially when serving in the community. Firstly, those outside the church do not understand the differences between churches, as far as they are concerned, we are all the same. Secondly, unity is a key witness as those outside the church think we are divided. Finally, when we fail to work well with others, we reduce our capacity for influence and impact. We limit our vision to what God might do within the walls of our church. For example, what if our vision were to make Jesus known to every household in our Unley area? Or, what if our vision is that every young person in our local schools will hear of the good news of Jesus? Is this possible for Unley Park alone? Is it even desirable? Because we cannot achieve this alone, I dare say we never dream it. We reduce our influence and impact for the kingdom of God. 

When local churches work together in mission and service, the good we bring to the community together is powerful. I value the friendships I am developing among the local Unley Ministers’ Fellowship. It turns out we are not in competition with one another, and we share the similar struggles and opportunities. From this basis of relationships, our churches will be able to work together best. We must build one another up. I ask that we never speak ill of another church or pastor. I ask that we always rejoice in the growth of another church. I ask that we mourn and endeavour to support when another church struggles. I ask we take the opportunities we have to work together in mission and service. Then I believe we will dream bigger dreams than we could achieve alone. 


 Jason (Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash)