Prioritise ‘connection over perfection’

Alice YoungNews, Pastor

We are all staying at home. When this last happened, did you reflect on what you would like to have done differently? Here is our opportunity to put our learning into practice! It seems not all are eager to do so. I find it startling the toilet paper rush was on, again. But I have spoken with people today who are determined to manage anxiety differently. People want to take a more settled approach and enjoy the opportunities more.

As I reflect on our last church response I see we worked hard on strengthening our Sunday gathering and possibly not enough on mutual connection. I like what one of our members encouraged me with, ‘prioritise connection over perfection’ – making the connection is what counts. This is a great truth. We don’t need a good show, we need to know we are connected, we matter, we have a home, we are safe. We can do this as a church by looking out for one another and actively building friendships. Do you see this too? Here is our opportunity to put our learning into practice!

All our church programs are suspended for the coming 6 days. If you read through the Link, there are question marks over many of the events planned to the end of the year. We hope to know more into next week. None of us can visit one another. But with all this in doubt, our capacity to connect is not shutdown. This is not bravado, it is true. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if in the midst of all our losses we find ourselves with stronger community, better connections?

In Him

Jason (Photo by Khadeeja Yasser on Unsplash)