What do we treasure?

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

What really matters to our church? When people encounter our church, what do we hope they experience? Our church Council has over the past 6 months being working on this with consultant Julie Lawrie from The Marketing Box. Julie is a member at Rostrevor Baptist and is the current chair of Baptist Care SA. We have highly valued Julie’s ability to distil data into a simpler message of Faith, Connection, Belonging. 

“At Unley Park Baptist we treasure: 

  •  Growing Faith in God as we follow Jesus together. 
  •  Creating Connections with others. 
  •  Building belonging for all we encounter.” 

These statements are not locked in yet. We are still ‘trying them out’, honing them. We have used our recent sermon series to test and clarify what we might mean. Already there are useful insights.

We have seen following Jesus must be together. We have learnt connection not only builds community, but it opens mission and our future. This clarifies our mission and focusses our efforts. This helps communicate to others who we are and what to expect from us. Early next year our church members will consider the final mission statement and visual identity. But in the meantime, what do you think? Faith, Connection, Belonging – is this what we treasure? 


Jason (Photo by Marcus Wallis on Unplash)