How to grow people in faith?

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

How do we help people grow in faith? The simplest answer would be to help them know Jesus and follow him. It is not rocket science. But is it easy? No. The parable of the soils tells us there are plenty of things that will snatch away or choke good seed. 

A few questions to consider. If you are a Christian, what helps you grow? Knowing the bible, Christian friends, challenging times, mentors, study? I wonder if you could make a short list. Now, if you had the opportunity, how would you help someone else grow? Generally, we take from our experience and pass it on to others. What from your short list could you pass onto someone else? How could you become stronger at growing faith in someone else as you follow Jesus together? 

As I consider these questions, I can see how I am passing onto others from my experience. I have had mentors support me. I do the same for others. Bible teachers have helped me grow; ministry opportunities have stretched me. I try to pass this onto others. I wonder, this year, who can you help grow their faith in God? I have now doubt it will grow you too. 


Jason  Photo by Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash