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Are you a champion? Do people hear you say, “try this…”, or “go here, the food is great…” or “I know just what you need…”! If so, then you are a ‘champion’. I wonder if you enjoy promoting something which you have found helpful or might help others? 

Our church needs champions. We have great news about the freedom Jesus brings. This is too important to keep to ourselves. In church life we bring belonging, support, service, growth and more. This is too good to stay silent on. We need people who will champion all this and more to others. 

Our playgroup is a great example of the impact of champions. There has been steady growth as parents have promoted playgroup to their friends. Parents love it, so they want to share it. 

We are providing opportunities for people to connect with our church, and our Lord. For this to work, our church needs champions. The Free Parenting Seminar we are running for our community on Monday, increases its impact when our people promote it. The same is true for “I am Woman”, or an Alpha course, or Kids Church Christmas Concert, or the Christmas Street party, or church on Sundays. 

Our church needs champions. It needs you to be a champion. You have influence and opportunity with a set of people who listen to what you promote. We can all promote great café’s, hairdressers, restaurants, kitchen mixers, streaming services. Why not promote the work of God as well? 

In Him 


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