A month of grateful

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

We know it is good to be grateful. So good, it should be a discipline, so it becomes a habit. At school we learn reading, writing, arithmetic. Where do we learn gratefulness? Hopefully at home.

Most reading this are the influencers at home. We are the adults who set the tone for gratefulness. We are asked, ‘How was your day’? What does our household hear? Thanksgiving? I know home is the place we can offload our challenges. But on reflection, what are our partners, family, mostly hearing? Are we offloading gratefulness?

I am valuing our church’s month of grateful. There have been very simple gratitude exercises that have lifted my spirit. If you missed the memo you can find information at upbc.org.au/grateful. I am encouraging our church to practice gratefulness until the end of September. We have only days to go. I wonder, how can you encourage yourself to practice gratefulness for a lifetime?



Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash