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Why do we invest into local government schools? Our church, with other local Unley churches, financially support chaplains in three schools – Unley High, Blackforest and Goodwood Primary. We hope this will increase. This year, our church is helping Blackforest Primary financially support families that can’t afford to send their children to school camps or excursions. Sarah as part of her Community Pastor role, meets Kiara, the chaplain at Blackforest Primary, to support and encourage her. I meet the chaplain Chris at Unley High to do the same. I am currently in conversation with a school about starting ‘Kids Hope’, a church run mentoring program. We are gathering before the end of the year young people from all our local churches who go to Unley High to resource and support them for their discipleship and Christian witness in school. 

Why do we do this, and hope to do more? Most of our families are not part of these local schools. Much of our investment will not return to our church. With limited resource and time, how does this make sense? I think there are several reasons: 

  • Schools are local community hubs with diverse needs.  
  • Children and young people are stronger when the wider community helps them grow. 
  • When we sacrificially serve others beyond the walls of our church, we show we love our neighbour. 
  • Christian schools have an integrated approach of Christian witness to students, Government schools do not. 
  • In serving schools we commend the good news of the Gospel through sacrificial service. 
  • We grow as our involvement in schools gives us relationships and insight into our local community.  
  • Our faith is stronger and meaningful as we put it into practice through service. 

In Him,