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Would you throw a party, but not invite anyone? Well, maybe, but that is not usual for parties. Normally you make sure those closest to you know about it. Hopefully not via Facebook. Otherwise, I at least will never know. Over the coming weeks we have Christmas ‘parties’ it would be great to invite your family friends too. They could attend in-person or online. For young families we have our Kids Christmas concert next week (Dec 5). Our Street Party is Dec 12. We will have a kid’s program for little ones between 3-5pm. Our usual Street Party begins at 6pm with the Carols Concert from 7.30pm. There will also be Christmas Day, 9-10am. 

People who are not regular church attenders may seek this season to reconnect with the first Christmas story. Through these opportunities we work hard to communicate the hope of Jesus to those who are seeking. Everyone of course is invited. Could you make sure those closest to you know about it? 

A closing question. Would you invite people to a regular church service? My observation is if non-church people want to find God, they prefer to go to church. Do not let the ‘strangeness’ of church put you off from inviting people. They may not find it as strange as you think, and they may just experience God too.