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Baptist Care SA serve with South Australia’s most disadvantaged people. They work with children, families, young people, schools, aboriginal people, homeless people, refugees, people who live with disability. Baptist Churches have been doing this kind of work since 1913, when the West End Baptist Mission was started in Millers Court, Adelaide. 

Baptist Care SA serve most often on behalf of Baptist churches. The people they work with require specialist care which churches are not skilled for. The work is also at a scale which any one church could not maintain. Baptist Care SA can secure funding, meet government requirements, and provide expertise to best help vulnerable people. 

Baptist Care SA also serve with Baptist Churches. They resource churches with training, support, and services. Our church works with Baptist Care SA when supporting people who are homeless, refugees, or living with disability. At times family and youth services support people by connecting them to churches and youth groups. There is also funding available for churches from Baptist Care SA for special community care projects. 

August each year is our opportunity to profile and pray for Baptist Care. Can you pray for homelessness or prisoners this month? This year Shane Austin began as the new CEO. Shane, the leadership, and the many great staff and volunteers value your prayers as they serve in this vital ministry. 

In Him,