SALA is over for another year!

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

This is the third year we have held an Exhibition as part of the South Australian Living Artists Festival and each year our exhibition has grown both in size and quality. This year, we had nearly 150 visitors come through on the three weekends, as well as open access to our church congregation. We had 35 artists submit 42 artworks which filled the back hall nicely. The SALA Team also learns more each year about putting together an exhibition!

It is vital to keep in front of mind why we continue to do something like SALA Exhibition. It’s a lot of work and so we need a good purpose to make it worthwhile. For me it comes down to these few things:

  • the joy that comes from people being able to express and share their God-given creative gifts in a way they might not otherwise have been able to,
  • the way God uses often this expression to speak to those who come to view the exhibition,
  • and the opportunity to open our doors to the community, to offer something life-giving, to introduce friends and family to our church and hopefully, in the longer term, to Jesus.

Thanks to all those who helped make it happen and I’m looking forward to seeing how this thing grows more in 2023!

Love to you all, Miranda.