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On Monday our church provided a free community seminar on ‘helping children to protect their body’. While we do this for our church families, our primary focus is on connecting to families who don’t go to our church. 

There are several reasons we do this. We want our church to help others. To do this, we grow opportunities to contribute to the common good. We want to build up families. Each year we offer these seminars to encourage and strengthen children, young people and parents’ lives. We resource families reaching families. These seminars are opportunities which our church families can invite their friends too. We want our church to be known. Too often churches are cloistered away from the broader society. Who knows what goes on behind those walls! Positively working with families, schools, community leaders, aligned organisations adds to our reputation, and influence. 

The speaker Michelle Derrig was excellent. She has thought carefully about helping children be ‘body safe’, in a sexualised world. For families, or those relating with young children it is worth watching. Why not share this video resource with those you know? 



Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash