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This week the Commonwealth celebrates Queen Elizabeth’s life. This is an extract from our partner organisation Engage Work Faith on how we might engage those around us as people remember the Queen. 

“Following are some questions and articles that may be helpful to engage people on this topic. 

Some question ideas 

  • Some have reflected on the Queen’s death by saying it was ‘a life well lived’ because of her goal of serving her country at a personal cost. How would you define a ‘life well lived’? What would you like people to say about you after you have passed on? 
  • The Queen said at 21 years of age, that she would dedicate her life, whether it was long or short, to the service of others. Is society losing this idea of giving ourselves for others to instead pursue individualistic goals? Is this shift caused by a move away from our traditional Christian roots? 
  • Do you think the Queen’s Christian faith, with Jesus as its central figure of self-giving love, is a good antidote for a self-centred life? Is Jesus and his teachings still relevant for our culture today? 

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Blessings as you engage for Jesus at this time! 

From the ENGAGE Team” 

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