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What is your favourite bible? As you might expect of a Pastor, I have a few. There is my big bible which I was given by my parents at my 21st birthday. There is the bible I preach from; it was given to me at my ordination. I have a fun bible. It has a printer mistake which means people think I am reading the bible upside down. I have a Maori bible that reminds me of my heritage and teaches me a little Te Reo (Maori language). These are my favourites.  

What is the bible I read the most? The bible on my phone. The YouVersion Bible App is convenient and helpful. My phone is on my person all the time. The App reminds me to read regularly. It is accessible when I need it. It has relevant bible reading plans for where I am at in life. The font scales for my declining vision. 

In our church we want everyone to read the bible regularly. We know God uses the Bible to shape our lives for the better (Heb 4:12), and to be effective in helping others (2 Tim 3:16-17). To help you read regularly, why not put the bible on your phone and start a reading plan. Join our church reading plans with the YouVersion App. Read with others through our shared reading plans. I will confidently state this, your life will be better when you listen to God by reading the bible regularly. Why not join us? You can find shared reading plans and instructions to start on the YouVersion App at our website Our current plan matches the sermon series on bible characters. Need any help? Just ask.