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The ministry of our church depends on the generosity of our people. This is a good thing. It is good to know our church needs us. It is good to know we have responsibility. It is good to know we belong, we want to contribute, and we want to play our part. 

Our church depends on the financial generosity of our people. At least 80% of our budgeted income comes through our offerings. Nearly 100% of our giving to global missions, ministry partnerships, vulnerable people, global aid, and more come through special offerings. While financial statements may not make for a riveting read, our Church’s financials are part of the testimony to the work of God through us. 

The last few years have changed the way people give financially. Electronic giving has increased, and cash giving decreased. This means regular giving has become more consistent, and discretionary giving has reduced. Offerings such as the ‘Fellowship Fund’, ‘Engage Work Faith’, or special collections receive less, probably because we carry less cash. To help people give to these opportunities we have made a few changes: 

  • All Giving Information can be found on our website: https://upbc.org.au/give. This includes special offering details. 
  • At the end of each month, we will text this link to the congregation, to help people give if they want to. 
  • We have changed to the Bendigo Bank. While the old accounts still work, our new account giving details are: 
    • Unley Park Baptist Church Inc, BSB 633 000, Account No. 181493891
  • Direct Transfers can be made by PAY ID admin@upbc.org.au 

Thank you for your generous giving. We are grateful for the support, and this partnership in ministry. 

In Him, 


Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash