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What Church service in a year will tell the core message of the Christian faith? Easter! The Easter story is the heart of our faith. Our sin, our saviour, the cross, the resurrection, forgiveness, rescue, love, hope. It is all there. In our church we try to tell the story twice over the Easter weekend. Once from the perspective of Jesus dying on the cross for us – Good Friday. The second from the perspective of Jesus’ resurrection to life – Easter Sunday. 

People who are not regular church goers will come to Easter services. This is the best. This means they hear the heart of our faith, the clearest. I wonder if you have considered Easter services as a rich opportunity to invite friends and family. Non church people often feel this is a significant service and prioritise it. They will probably be open to an invite. 

When they come, they will experience followers of Jesus amazed in worship at God’s grace. They will hear the story of God’s sacrificial rescue. They will feel the invitation into the hope we have through Jesus. That’s a wonderful offer. I wonder who you could invite to experience it? 

In Him, 


Photo by Cdoncel on Unsplash