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Do you want to learn how to share your faith in Jesus with others? Recently after church, someone asked me about this. The conversation must have been positive as the suggestion was, I write a book or run a workshop to help more people. 

A book or resource may come, but I think the workshop is achievable, sooner. Sharing the good news of Jesus has been a long passion and practice of mine. I have been doing this on purpose, every day for 40 years. It could be said evangelism is in my DNA. My Dad is an eager evangelist, and through his ministry I would estimate hundreds of people have become Christians. When I was 12, I remember having to explain to my friends why I got baptised. Through high school, I helped run evangelism campaigns in our area and Aboriginal communities. In year 12 I lead my first friend to faith in Jesus. During uni I was involved in high school outreach programs, youth ministry, aboriginal mission, uni outreach. Wonderfully I saw God bring many people to faith. My first ministry role was as an evangelist at Flinders Uni. In my years as a Youth Pastor working with youth, young adults, at our local high school, through Big Week Out and Encounter Youth I saw people come to faith. In ministry with Baptist Churches SA, I had the privilege of seeing hundreds of young people over that time become Christians. In the past few years in our church we are seeing God bring people, young and older, to faith in Him. I think you get the idea – it is a long passion and practice. I have witnessed God bring people from a wide range of ages and cultures to faith in Jesus. I have done this with personal relationships, ministries, groups, events. In a sense, this is what I anticipate, work for, expect. 

While this is my normal, I know it is not normal. Many Christians have never helped another person put their trust in Jesus. This is probably not a lack of faith or willingness. I see it as a lack of skills and experience. People lack the ability to see opportunities and know what to do. Consequently, they lack anticipation and expectation. After 40 years of practice, I think I could help. I plan on running 3 weeks of workshops on how to share your faith. It will be:  

  • Sunday night June 9, 16, 23.  5.30-7pm

Later in the year we plan on running the Alpha course. If you want to learn how to share your faith in Jesus with others, register your interest here or let the church office know. 

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