How is our thanksgiving going?

Alice YoungFrontPage, News, Pastor

Each year we receive a Thanksgiving Offering for the ministry of the Church. A Thanksgiving Offering is a pledge or gift over and above our current regular offering. These finances help our church fund strategic outcomes in mission and developing people. Last year we set a target of $45,000. To date we have received $32,000. 

Last year we improved our budgeting by considering 3 options – Sustainability, Strategic and Stretch. Our treasurer Glenn Dixon explained this well in last year’s budget video. The sustainability budget is what it costs ‘to keep the lights on’. The strategic budget includes key items which will grow our church over the next year. The stretch budget includes items which we might wish for but can’t quite afford. Our Thanksgiving Offering helps fund the strategic budget. 

If you would like to know how to financially support our church’s ministries, why not check out our support information page. You can also request a support information brochure from the church office. Our church is blessed with great financial support from our members. For this we are grateful. Please be in prayer for the Church Council as it finalises the FY2025 budget. For God’s great work may we steward our resources well and be strategic and expectant with our finances. 

In Him,