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June is budget time for our church. Over a period of months, our staff, deacons, Church Council and lay leaders work together on the plan to steward our finances. We plan the expenses and try to sensibly predict our income for a balanced budget.  

80% of our income comes from our Church offerings. We are thankful to God this has strengthened over the past 18 months. As our Congregation grows, our offering has grown. We have anticipated a 5% growth for our offering income over the next 12 months. 

13% of our income comes from our ‘goods and services’ stream. This includes our manse rental and building hire. The Council believe to expand our ministry impact, it is important to expand our revenue streams. This is a project we are working on as we develop our church 5 year missional plan. 

Finances are an important resource for life and ministry. We understand when we have less personal finances, this limits our choices and opportunities. The same is true for ministry. We value your prayers for wisdom as we explore this. If increasing finances for kingdom impact is a passion of yours, we would love to hear from you. 

In Him 


Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash