This study and reading plan help us explore the Christian faith by looking at Jesus.

The reading plan which complements this study is here

Read Luke Chapter One

…As we open our journey let’s consider whether reliable accounts of Jesus’ life and teaching survive. Is Jesus just a figure of a Christian fable? Luke suggests we can know the answers to these questions with certainty… 

  1. What is Luke’s reason for writing? 
  2. How does Luke describe the way he has researched the material? 
  3. Luke argues that his research method should give Theophilus confidence in the history he will read. (vs 4) Do you think the same argument can be applied to us, 2000 years later as we read Luke’s account?
  4. What are the main events Luke records in this opening chapter?
  5. How do Mary and Zechariah respond to an angelic visitation? 
  6. God holds Zechariah and Mary morally responsible for their attitude. Do you think this is fair?
  7. What do Mary and Zechariah say about what God is doing?
  8. Having read this opening chapter, what do you think Luke’s Gospel will be about?
  9. How has this chapter influenced the way you think about Jesus?

Mid Week Readings