We’ve been exploring the darker side of the Psalms in our OK sermon series, but the Psalms are also full of moments of great joy and celebration! Psalm 150 is a great example of this. It rounds off the whole book with a burst of musical praise. After praising God for his ‘acts of power’ and ‘surpassing greatness’, the psalmist … Read More


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What will you do when you grow up? Some may ask this with wry smile, as they are well past the due date for being grown up. But our young people are rightly wrestling with this question. Their challenge may be due to ‘choice paralysis’, too many options. I know others wonder if the jobs they train for now will … Read More


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Last night I attended the Unley Council Community Grants Presentation. This year we are recipients of a grant for café style furniture for our playgroup and community events. We have also received three-year event support to cover the street closure for our Christmas Street Party. These finances help maximise our efforts and we are grateful for the grants. At the … Read More

Navigating a complex world

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This week a few of our staff have been on the Baptist Churches SA Pastors conference. This was an opportunity to connect with other Pastoral leaders, gain insight from guest speakers and hear what is influencing our churches across the state. Several speakers highlighted we are living in complex and challenging times. Now our churches are wrestling with the growing implications of same sex relationships, gender diversity, the royal commission on institutional abuse. For … Read More

Baptist Care – our heart of mercy

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What does Baptist Care SA do? Most people can identify their work with the homeless through the ministry of Westcare. Baptist Care does much more. It provides out of home care, disability care, youth education and employment, and homelessness and therapeutic support services. Currently over 1000 dedicated staff and volunteers serve in Baptist Care to help some of South Australian most vulnerable achieve their full potential. This … Read More

A Mid-Year Review

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As part of our business on Tuesday night, Council had a mid-year review of our progress as a church. In January, together with the staff team, we set goals for our year, where are we at? The list included items such as:  Increase participation in service;  Increase participation in our growth groups;  Strengthen our welcome and integration.  Increase our engagement with our local community;  Grow authentic faith in people;  What is your view, how are we going? The Council concluded at this point of the year, church life is positive, with growth still required. My own observation … Read More


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Our newest staff member starts this week! We look forward to Miranda Dixon joining our staff team as Associate Pastor. Miranda’s will have a generalist role alongside me with pastoral oversight of the whole church. I look forward to working with Miranda as we strengthen our church in growing together in following Jesus. I can see I have many loose … Read More


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Who is your favourite person in the Bible, our Lord aside? The Bible is full of many fine and strange people, it can be impossible to choose. But, when pressed to pick, mine is Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite.  At 40 years of age, Caleb was one of the twelve spies sent by Moses from Kadesh-barnea to spy out the land God … Read More

What young people think?

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This encouragement was shared in our recent Kids and Youth Service: When we asked the youth what growth they’d like to see in our church they said… If we are the family of God, then we must learn to mix with the whole family – to be welcoming, loving and to know all the members of that family. It would … Read More

Our church is a busy home

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This Sunday is a full day. We have a Kids and Youth service, which will be fantastic. Guaranteed they will encourage us and bring life to the service. Our Members vote on a new Associate Pastor appointment. This would make it 4 new staff in two years and should set our staff team for at least the next two. Our PM service will close out our important series on “Australians … Read More